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Gwen Baker UK SAP HCM Consultant
Texas Chili Instructions

Everybody has their own chili recipe. This is mine, which is the best.









Gwen Baker




1/2 kilo Beef


Onion ‚ 1 large, or 2 small

Garlic, as many cloves as you like

Chili Powder – Mild, (You adjust the heat with the peppers, remember)


Poblano and Anaheims.

You can add a hot one, Chilies – preferably a mixture of - e.


: a Jalapeño, if you want to heat it up.

1 green pepper, or red, chopped

2 tins of tomatoes, (Read the ingredients and make sure they don’t have sugar added)

1 tin of kidney beans

frozen sweetcorn, so of - or a handful

salt and pepper

Cut the beef into 1cm cubes.

This can be any cut of beef or even left-over roast or steak.

Left-over BBQ’d steak adds a nice smoky flavour.


Sear the beef and transfer to your chili pot.


Chop up an onion and brown it before adding to the meat.


Cover with lager and allow to simmer.

The tougher the cut of beef, the longer it will need to simmer.

Don’t boil, or it will toughen the meat.


Add a couple tablespoons of chili powder (If this frightens you, use less and adjust later), a teaspoon or so of oregano, salt, pepper and several cloves of chopped garlic into the pot while the meat is simmering.

Your chili powder should already contain cumin and coriander.

If not, you will need to add a small amount.

Do not add too much cumin (¼ teaspoon max), or it will taste bitter and horrible.

You’re making chili, not curry.


If you managed to acquire fresh chilies, place the large varieties (Anaheim or larger) under the grill to char the skin.

Turn until the skin is charred all around.

Don’t worry if it is black in spots, but don’t allow to burn through the skin.

Remove from oven and place them in a paper bag or something and close the end.

Allow them to sweat for about 20 minutes until the skin blisters.

Run them under cold water and remove the skin.

Remove the seeds and chop finely and add to the pot.

If using tinned, you can skip the skin removing process.


In the meantime, while the chilies are sweating, chop the pepper and add the remaining ingredients to the pot and bring to a simmer.


After adding the chilies and allowing to simmer for half an hour, taste for seasoning and add more chili powder, salt, garlic or whatever it might need.

Not cumin.


Allow to simmer for at least 2 hours.

Keep tasting and adding stuff if needed.

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